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Acy Improver

Bacterial contamination is common in the Distillery more than 500 anti bacteria's are oscillating in the fermentation process. It is pleasure to introduce that our product Acy Improveris an unique formulation of Anti-Microbial agent overcoming the problem of contamination in enhanced yields and improved quality of Alcohol in distillery industry. Following some contaminator's playing hazards roll in fermentation process destroying the quality and quantity of yeast and Alcohol.



  • Lenconostoc Mesetrodies bactera in molasses convert the sucrose molecule to polymerize in to long chains of dextrin which is not fermentable but which will show as sugar and higher amount of dextrin also results in grater foaming in fermentation.
  • Zymomonas mobils is an another important bacterial contaminant which can ferment sugars to alcohol, but it has side effect of reducing sulphur compounds liberating a hydrogen sulphide smell.
  • So is has to be arrested to produce a good quality of alcohol.
  • Lactobacillus bacteria's are producing lactic acid by consuming glucose resulting a heavy losses on spirit recovery.
  • Acetobacteria are occasionally isolated from fermented wash and these bacteria oxidize alcohol to acetic acid in the presence of oxygen significant losses have been counted on alcohol recovery.



  • ACY-IMPROVER Better yeast growth, faster fermentation & higher ethanol yields.

  • ACY-IMPROVER Does not affect culture yeast performance at doses used to control microbial contamination.
  • ACY-IMPROVER Very stable compounds do not easily degrade overtime or under high temperature.
  • ACY-IMPROVER There will be a enhance of quality & quantity improvement of final product.
  • ACY-IMPROVER Is effective against both multiplying & non-multiplying bacteria.
  • ACY-IMPROVER Reduce the volatile acid & contamination thus improving the quality.



Only our product is working for steady fermentation and efficient alcohol production. The alcohol losses covered by micro-organisms bacteria have been ascertained in depth and their preventation beginning of fermentation process by usages of ACY-IMPROVER.